Expect temperate climates year-round while you’re on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’re talkin’ short-sleeve weather a majority of the year and the ideal environment for outdoor activities.

The average summer temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of 70 degrees, and average winter temperature is 60 with and occasional low of 40. Our winters are short, while our summers are long and warm.

Come soak up some sun with us!

  Average Highs Average Lows
January 60F / 15C 43F / 6C
February 63F / 17C 46F / 7C
March 69F / 20C 52F / 11C
April 76F / 24C 60F / 15C
May 83F / 28C 68F / 20C
June 88F / 31C 74F / 23C
  Average Highs Average Lows
July 90F / 32C 75F / 24C
August 90F / 32C 75F / 24C
September 87F / 30C 71F / 12C
October 79F / 16C 61F / 16C
November 70F / 21C 52F / 11C
December 62F / 16C 45F / 7C