In retirement, time is a luxury you finally have. You can while away your days as you see fit. You can do as little or as much as you like and not feel guilty. If you’re feeling reflective and want to just chill and chill, so be it. If you run yourself ragged with errands, volunteering, or whatever brings you joy, no worries; you can sleep in the next day and the next. Where you live helps set the tone. For many, a beach town is ideal for life’s last chapter. If you’re looking for where to go to fill the pages, here’s a little something to get your research started.

8. Ocean Springs, Mississippi

This laid back, historic coastal town is the kind of place you might like to call home. The centuries-old live oaks add to the charm. Ocean Springs is known for its arts and festivals. The Ocean Springs Art Association represents more than 300 local artists and has the largest annual fine arts festival in the state — the Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival. There’s also the Walter Anderson Museum of Art to get your art fix. With over 200 independent shops, galleries, restaurants, and nightlife, you won’t be bored. The community is quite walkable. You can enjoy white sand beaches and water sports all year. In Coastal Mississippi, good grub comes easily, as does the opportunity for shrimping trips and sailing on schooners. Oh yeah, it’s affordable. Sell that New York or San Francisco home, make a killing, buy new digs in Ocean Springs, and have money left over to add to your retirement kitty.

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