Trent Lott International Airport

8301 Saracennia Road, Suite 11, Moss Point, MS 39563
(228) 475-1371

One of Jackson County’s most important gateways is the Trent Lott International Airport (TLIA).  TLIA is ideal for charter companies, flight training, and accommodates flight testing facilities for manned and unmanned airplanes and helicopters.  TLIA currently caters to local corporate clients including Northrop Grumman, Chevron, Omega Protein, and ERA Helicopters.  The excellent airfield, the location of the Airport, and the growth of business in Jackson County are key strengths.

Conveniences of Trent Lott International Airport:

  • Large executive conference rooms operated by professional staff
  • Waiting area
  • Large tarmac
  • Hanger space available for lease
  • U.S. Customs Service
  • 6,500 foot runway
  • Runway supports 60,000 pounds per wheel for dual wheel loading
  • Rail, water, natural gas and other amenities are on site
  • Situated on 500 acres of prime industrial/business park space
  • Area is designated in future Foreign Trade Zone