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Celebrating Military History in Coastal Mississippi

Here in Coastal Mississippi, we take great pride in celebrating and honoring our heroic veterans and military personnel who have valiantly defended our freedom. Coastal Mississippi boasts a rich military history, with significant contributions made during World War II. One fascinating piece of history that might surprise many is that the Mississippi Gulf Coast was home to German and Italian prisoners of war during that time. Following their return to their home countries after the war, a group of these former POWs decided to make Mississippi…

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Celebrate Independence Day in Coastal Mississippi

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable Independence Day weekend celebration along the stunning shores of Coastal Mississippi! As the holiday approaches, our coastal communities burst with patriotic energy, offering an array of exciting festivities and mesmerizing fireworks. Whether you are a proud local or repeat or first-time traveler discovering our beautiful communities, the Independence Day events on the Mississippi Gulf Coast promise an enchanting mix of Southern hospitality, coastal splendor, and a deep appreciation for the history behind…

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