Being in Baton Rouge every weekend can get tiring, especially with no football games in the spring semester. Thankfully though, we live in a place central to fun destinations.

New Orleans is the place to be when nothing is happening around here. It's a quick trip of about an hour each way. There is always something to do in the actual city that never sleeps. There is never a dull moment from art to music to restaurants to bars. If the art scene is your thing, going to places like Ashley Longshore or JAMNOLA would be enjoyable for you. JAMNOLA is relatively new but is worthy of a visit. It is similar to Color Factory because it is an interactive art museum with great photo opportunities. It is inspired by New Orleans life, and all the artists are from New Orleans.

Another great place is Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, about two hours away. This small town off the Gulf Coast doesn't seem like much but packs a punch in a fun getaway with your friends. There is a long strip of bars and restaurants. The bars in this area cater to those looking for cozy small-town vibes yet still a great night out. The best part of going out is getting up and getting brunch. Bay St. Louis has a great brunch spot called The Buttercup. This tiny mom-and-pop café is an excellent place for the day after a night out. Their menu might be small, but it is mighty. It comes with everything from French toast, pancakes and omelets to breakfast sandwiches and burgers.

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